We are both a successful last mile delivery logistics company and a philanthropic organisation.


We provide driven, trusted last mile delivery agents with a great track record and excellent customer handling skills.


We identify exceptionally motivated individuals from marginalised backgrounds and offer them an opportunity to learn new skills and find employment in a fast-growing last mile logistics start-up—VAMS.


We have the technology, the expertise and the manpower to solve all your local last mile logistics needs. Need a quotation or a consultation? Curious about what we do? Get in touch.


When you choose VAMS you choose to empower marginalised communities.

Who we are

VAMS is a Bangalore-based last mile logistics start-up company.

VAMS adds value to the work it does for its clients. It offers them excellent service alongside the chance to change someone’s life.

Our mobility solutions add value to the lives of our delivery agents. VAMS offers them a chance to learn new skills and work in a challenging yet satisfying career (this could link to our success stories page).
Mobility Solutions:

  • Hyper local delivery
  • Express Delivery
  • Intracity delivery
  • Last mile delivery


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Success Stories

Working as a Service Delivery Agent has made me very confident. Driving around the city has made me fearless the way a man is fearless. Before becoming one of VAMS’ first drivers I used to work in a hospital but I lost my job during the lockdown. I am 38-years-old and I have passed the threshold of being eligible for most jobs in this industry. This proved to be a blessing in disguise because now my workday ends at 2pm and this offers me plenty of time to be with my daughter, who is in college, and my son who is in the sixth standard. Getting to where I am now hasn’t been a smooth ride. As a single parent and a woman, I received a lot of criticism for my choice in the beginning. My family and friends have slowly begun to understand the importance of what I do. The thing I like most about my work is that I am my own boss. This has liberated me and given me the courage to do things I would not have done before such as moving out of my parents’ house. I love driving a vehicle and I have begun to enjoy using all the technology, the GPS-enabled apps and software, that have made my work so simple. I would encourage anyone who is contemplating making this their profession to go ahead.

Nagalakshmi S P

Delivery Associate

Everything about being a Service Delivery Agent is super. I enjoyed the training and I love driving my own vehicle. I used to work as an office assistant at a big tele-communications company but I enjoy this more. I am a single parent and I live with my mother and two children. My family has been really supportive of my career decision. This is probably because I get to spend so much more time with them now. I faced a few challenges in the beginning because understanding the maps and the way the software worked took time but the help I received, every step of the way. was tremendous. Our supervisor was always available to sort out our issues. Now that we understand all the technology involved, everything has become very smooth and our work has become easy.

Roopa Muniappa

Delivery Associate

I used to work in the garment industry but I left my job to take care of my baby. My husband passed away early so it’s just my mother, son and me at home and I am the sole earning member in the family. The corona virus pandemic was very difficult for us because I had to stay at home for five months. This opportunity came at a time when I really needed employment. In the beginning I was a bit afraid and almost decided to quit. I felt motivated when I saw all the other ladies doing the same work and that is what convinced me not to give up. Now I have been working for two months and the work gets easier every day. This is why I tell everyone who joins to overcome their initial fear and complete the training. The training is important. We learn things like how to interact with a customer. For example, we learn that we have to ring their bell and wait and not keep ringing the bell till someone answers. We learn that we have to ask them if we should leave their package with the security guard. Small things like this ensure that our customers stay happy.


Delivery Associate

I was a supervisor in the garment industry but I left my job because of an accident. My aunt encouraged me to try this work. I drive a four-wheeler for VAMS. I am one of the first ladies to drive a four-wheeler. I did my vehicle training at VAMS and I enjoy driving the TATA Ace. I am able to do most of my deliveries on my own but a supervisor accompanies me if I have to go to a difficult area such as Electronic City Phase 2. I am confident that in the months to come I will become more independent and manage my deliveries on my own. It is my dream to buy a commercial vehicle of my own so I can take passengers.


Delivery Associate